Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Encore 100% Natural Cat Food

A lovely win for my cat today, my 14 year old cat received a present in the post today, a pack of food. The lovely people at Encore Pet Food sent me a pack of 8 tins of their natural cat food to try.

Made with 75% chicken and 100% natural ingredients, it is the best smelling tin of cat food I have ever opened. It has a 'flaky' texture rather than chunks of meat, which the cat seemed to like. I first put a tin of the chicken breast down for her to try, unfortunately the puppies liked the smell as well and the cat only got a tiny bit. I can honestly say the puppies loved it. Next we tried the ham and she managed to eat all that, the puppies made sure that the bowl was clean after though.

After her food she settled down to sleep.

Although I couldn't afford to buy this all the time (especially if the puppies keep eating it) I would buy it as a special treat.

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